April Bonfire at Upper Pond

Upper Pond Looking South from Beach

Our snow went from 8″ covering over our total fields Saturday morning to virtually no snow by Sunday evening. The upper pond is now free of ice and over flowing the dam with the spring flush of runoff from the mountain. With the snow free picnic area and pond it was time to have a spring bonfire. We had bonfires on the snow during the winter but the first snow free bonfire of the year is special, especially since it is on our new picnic area which has stone benches, a stone table and permanent fire ring.

The stonework extending out along the sides of the beach into the pond here is my ongoing background project for times when we can’t work on the house or other more pressing projects. It is about 180′ of 5′ high wall so far. For frost protection it is set about 18″ deep into the ground. Lots of chinking and shimming as we cleanup smaller stones from the work site and picnic pond area. Eventually I plan to put nice play sand on the beach, maybe early this summer. Before I do that though I have some big rocks that need placing.

Upper Pond Looking North at Sugar Mountain

Upper Pond Dog Spotting for those inclined… Which are the rocks? Which are the dogs? How many do you count? See SweetNicks for more doggies.

Cake Baker – Marshmallow Maker

Hope, age 3, made a torch of her first marshmallow. She asked me why it happened? I explained about the flames and using the heat of the coals instead. I said that little kids seem to do that with marshmallows. So she did her next one a perfect golden brown to prove me wrong. Will and Ben would light theirs a fire on purpose. Hope sets her own course. This is the same three year old who has made several cakes, from scratch, with no recipe. She just winged it. She also had two failed cakes – the price of invention and creativity. Her brothers also love cooking cakes, cookies, breads, brownies and other treats so we get something each week between the three of them.

Thursday: 28°F/61°F Partially Sunny, a little rain
Farm House: 50°F/62°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 51°F/60°F

Friday: Outdoors: 27°F/60°F Partially Sunny, a little rain
Farm House: 51°F/61°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 50°F/61°F

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the overflow just going through your overflow pipes? Or is there enough to get to a spillway?

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