Little Lady Lili’s Lookout

New revisions on the Meat Label and business card version created. Comments welcome.

Outdoors: 22°F/18°F Sunny, Calm
Farm House: 56°F/52°F four logs
Tiny Cottage: 53°F/46°F no work

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2 Responses to Little Lady Lili’s Lookout

  1. bill says:

    would you still raise pigs if not for the free whey?

  2. Definitely. We were raising pigs for years before the whey became available. We just started getting whey in July of 2006 so it hasn’t been a full year yet. There are other sources of excess dairy as milk and cheese plus we had years when we raised the pigs on nothing but pasture. It takes more pasture per pig if we don’t have the supplemental feed of the way, but they can be completely pastured and then in the winter fed hay. People don’t think of pigs as hay eaters, but you and I eat salad too and can be vegan if we must.

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