Time Magazine Cops out

Minor distraction…

Dear Time,
While I am honored to have been chosen person of the year I must politely decline. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with your choice as I am not news worth enough. You would have been better off picking my dog, photo enclosed. Surely someone besides me has been in the news enough this year to warrant being chosen Person of the Year.
Walter Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm
Orange, Vermont
Pastured Pigs & Sheep

Time Magazine copped out and didn’t do their job of picking a “Person of the Year” for 2006. Pretty lame – I chide them.

Outdoors: 34°F/14°F Sunny
Farm House: 55°F/49°F no fire
Tiny Cottage: 55°F/45°F exterior insulation

About Walter Jeffries

Tinker, Tailor...
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4 Responses to Time Magazine Cops out

  1. anna says:

    walter you have such increadably beautiful dogs. pigs do but it is always the dogs that really amaze me. so intelligent and attentive and fine looking.

  2. Mark V says:

    Good letter and a very good picture there. I must admit I am coming every day to see your house project progress. It is addictive to watch you. How do you and your family ever keep up the energy. And to post about it no less each day?! If I were to build a house I think I would follow your foot steps. I like the smallness of your design and how it looks. When can we see a floor plan of this little house?

  3. Kristianna says:

    Walter ~ Great photo of your new babies. Funny, the differences in people, as I looked right past your dog (sorry!).

    I’ve enjoyed all the photos and updates. I can see that you are all working very hard. The cottage looks great.

    Looking forward to more photos and posts…


  4. Urban Agrarian says:

    What a coincidence I was also chosen person of the year! Why, my whole family was chosen too. It’s now starting to feel a little like getting a ribbon or trophy that says “Participant”

    I vote for Lili also. She’s way more famous than I am.

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