Barrel Vault 1st Half Poured

Today was our hardest push yet. We got the east half of the barrel vault covered with concrete, covered the windows and door with plastic, the roof with insulation and plastic and then setup heaters to warm the tiny cottage so the cement can properly cure. Everyone worked hard, did an amazing job and we were all exhausted by the time we completed work after almost 11 hours of non-stop work – we finished up by moonlight. Another time I’ll write up details. For now we’ll sleep…

36째F/25째F Mostly Cloudy with spots of Sun.

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9 Responses to Barrel Vault 1st Half Poured

  1. karl says:

    nice job. there is nothing more satisfying than a hard days work while accomplishing so much.

  2. pablo says:

    How is the “see-ment” applied in a situation like this? Did you have to trowel it all in place by hand?

    Are you working from plans in your head, or did you get an architect to do an initial design?

  3. We pass buckets up to the top, pour them on and then spread the concrete using the push tool (blue) shown in that photo in my hands, a hand float, a trowel, spatual or in desperation, our hands, er, gloves.

    We work from blueprints, actually they’re just computer prints, no blueprinting any more as that is old technology although I remember it well. Our architect, the famed W. V. Jeffries, has been working on these plans for about 30 years. He’s a little slow but I really like his designs. :) In other words, these are plans from my head… but they go through the drafting and engineering stages too. :) Sometime I’ll scan and post sketches.

  4. Jurek says:

    Number 252 adds up to 9.
    Number 9 is the number of Spirituality. Quickly: Endings, teaching, global awareness, perfection, vision, tolerance, transformation, cosmic and spiritual consciousness.
    Thought you may like to know that.
    Wishing you good weather to complete your Cottage.
    Happy Holidays,
    Jurek @

  5. Ah, a good number. Interestingly one that keeps showing up in my life…

  6. Fredrick says:

    What a great resource! It is fascinating to see how you have figured out how to do things.

  7. Birdie says:

    Wow – What an amazing project! And done by a family togetther. You must be so proud to be living in a home you created yourself!

  8. Sid says:

    Hi…thanks for sharing.
    We are getting ready to do a ferrocement roof that we can eventually cover with some soil and I wanted to ask what you felt is a good cement mixture since we have a similar building project going. Thanks!

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