Amaryllis Bloom Red

This Amaryllis was given to me by my father as a bulb. The bloom was beautiful so at its peak I captured it in 9MegaPixels of glory with my Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera.

I used the same technique I had done for the Christmas Cactus last December of setting the pot on a stool in the south facing doorway of our kitchen at noon. The room in the background virtually vanishes to the camera while the flower is illuminated with intense natural light. If you lack a fancy studio, backdrops and all that then this makes for a great way to get that ‘look’.

Click on the image to get the full 1440×960 pixel version – my current desktop picture a.k.a. wallpaper.

72째F/68째F Sunny

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5 Responses to Amaryllis Bloom Red

  1. PV says:

    Beautiful pix!!!!!!!

  2. jessie says:

    Totally random comment here, having nothing to do with your beautiful amaryllis. I saw your link on the Vermont Bird Fanciers list (which is a lot more heated than the last time I was getting the group emails!).

    My husband and I live over in Middlebury. We have recently moved to our dream house, an old farmstead with barns and 17 acres of land. It won’t be long before we are adding animals to the picture. I just wanted you to know that I am subbing to your blog and I am keeping an eye on your pigs, since I know we’ll be getting a couple within the next year.

    I am very interested in some of the rarer (older) breeds of livestock, such as Hereford pigs. Do you foresee branching out into any other breeds? (No slam on the Yorkshires. Just curious.)

    My email is mjjel AT adelphia DOT net. I can’t wait to read your past posts. :-)

  3. Mark Paris says:

    Very nice. And that’s a good suggestion. We’ll have to try that.

  4. Hi Jessie,

    Perhaps we might do other breeds in a minor way. I enjoy the variety but our main herd will remain the Yorkshires based simply because they are doing so well on pasture, are such good mothers and good eating. Yorkshires are perhaps the oldest breed from what I have read and a heritage breed. They are plentiful because they do so well.

    We have been thinking about keeping a couple of red (Tamworth), black (Large Black) and spotted (Glouster Old Spot) sows for variety and seeing how we can cross them to get the best traits. But they would breed with our regular boars so while the offspring may look like the other breeds they’ll also be part Yorkshire.

    We are on our fifth generation now. Part of my goal is to continue selecting our herd for the good pasture, production, mothering, temper and other traits to continue improving them for outdoor production in Vermont. I’m less interested in purebreds. A little cross breeding improves them getting the best traits of several.

    Enjoy the old posts and if you ever have questions just leave a comment. Good luck with your new farmstead!



  5. Katie says:

    Beautiful and I did set it for my desktop – thanks for the suggestion!

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