Mystery Photo 20060609

How many happy hippos can you count in this picture? Some are sun bathing on the sands while more wallow in the water.

If you like, click on the image to see a larger version. Then come back to here. Place your cursor here to see the answer.

By the way, did you know that hippos are related to pigs and to camels & whales!?! Check out this page for their common ancestor who does not look at all like them. Newer DNA analysis suggests the whales and hippos are closer to each other than either is to pigs. Morphology can be missleading.

In any case, pigs basking in their pig pond sure do remind us of hippos!

67째F/63째F 1/2″ Rain, patches of sun

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7 Responses to Mystery Photo 20060609

  1. pablo says:

    I’m going to guess seven.

  2. ranch101 says:

    I’ll guess seven, too. The answer link isn’t working for me right now. I’ll check again later.

  3. pablo says:

    You are a cruel man, Walter!

  4. Patti says:

    This lil piggy went to market
    This lil piggy went home
    This lil piggy said….I think I’ll take a swim with 5 friends and then go home :D
    ps hope the planting went well..

  5. Mark says:

    I thought eight but will go with seven too after closer inspection of the big picture one of the hippos turned out to be a rock. Tricky.

  6. Farmerbob1 says:

    Chinese characters in the temperature line here, Walter.

    I would say 0 if I were being rational, but I suspect the answer is 7.

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