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Planting season is almost, finally, done so I’ll be back to posting soon. The month of May just slipped away ever so fast. It is good to have almost everything planted. Now other projects can come to the forefront again.

The odd bucket above is a sprouter. In order to plant before the soil was sufficiently warmed up I sprouted seeds. If I don’t do that they just rot in the ground. Yes, one can buy coated seed to stop the rot, but they still don’t sprout and I would rather avoid the chemicals. By pre-sprouting the seeds in the warmth of the house they get a head start and will grow during the day when the soil warms even if the night time soil temperatures are too low. This helps with our short growing season.

The sprouter is simple. It is a 5 lb container with the lid cut as shown and holes poked in the remaining part of the lid so I can easily rinse and drain the seeds. The big hole lets the air circulate so they don’t mold. If you need to sprout more seeds use 5 gallon pail.

To use it, put the seeds in and cover them with water for 24 hours. Then pour off the water through the holes. The lid retains the soaked seeds. Then once or twice a day rinse the seeds in cold water and pour off the rinse water. Turn the bucket gently once horizontally to bump the seeds around. Once they have sprouted plant the seeds. I do peas and corn this way. Other seeds could be done too. Beware of frost!

75째F/55째F Sunny

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4 Responses to Planting Done – Sprouter

  1. pablo says:

    Do you plant these seeds by hand then? I would fear that any kind of mechanical planter would tear the sprouts off of them.

  2. Yes, all by hand. We usually do it with two people. One who walks making a row of holes with a tamping rod and then one who follows setting in the sprouts and covering them. It goes fairly quickly although certainly slower than it would be with any type of machine.

    The purpose is to get very early plantings before the ground is warm to get an early crop so we’ll have something fresh soon. For the majority of seeds we don’t do this sprouting.

  3. pablo says:

    Well, that explains why you’ve been away from posting for a while. Still, I’m glad you’re back.

  4. PV says:

    Thats just like when i sprot seeds for salad! Neet. Im glad you are okay and back. I hope you write more stuff!

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