Waites River, VT Barn

This old tractor by the barn is a common sight in the country. There are many varied aged mechanisms, some working and some not, dotting the rural scenery. The barn behind the tractor is the same one from a different angle that graces so many calendars along with the Waites River church here at the junction of Pike Hill Road and Vermont Route-302. Just to the right is the Waites River General Store where we get sundrys like milk and the paper. That is where Hope returns the bottles she finds on the road for nickels. winter pig dens shown in construction in this posting.

25째F/9째F, Light snow flurries, Partly Sunny

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  1. brandy says:

    Hi Walter, This comment has nothing to do with todays post but thought you might be someone who can give me some insight on a topic that has become a big discussion in my house. Mainly I was wondering what you feed your dogs? As a natural farmer do you feed the dogs natural food too? Were are currently doing a lot of research into a natural diet for our dog and I would really like to know where you stand on companion animal food. You know so I have a professional opinion (one that isnt from a vet trying to get me to buy the food they sell!)
    oh and Im getting the e900 soon! because of your review and it has come down about 50 dollars at my local photo shop. Thanks.

  2. pablo says:

    That building is probably older than the house where I was an infant.

  3. Brandy, Watch for this weekend’s post about Feeding Big Dogs and have fun with your new digital camera. I am greatly enjoying using mine!

  4. Dawn says:

    Three cheers for The Very Small Donut Co. at the Village Square in Waitsfield, VT!!! They make Super Grub!! I see by my Rand McNally Route Planner that you aren’t that far from Waitsfield. Hello to you from Nova Scotia! :-)

  5. One of our (extended) family members grew up in northern Illinois on a large cattle ranch and still own the (now) antique tractors that belonged to grandparents that first worked the farm. What beautiful scenery y’all live around.

    Harriette Jacobs

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