Birch Leaned Too Far

In the middle of October we had a blizzard which dumped about a foot of snow on the mountain. It knocked out power for about three days for over 70,000 people in northern Vermont. This birch tree was also a casualty. When Will and I went hiking up Sugar Mountain the other day looking for the little lost sheep we saw quite a few trees snapped off by that storm. The combination of the wet snow load and high winds was too much for some denizen of the forest. In our back pasture two 5″ thick pine trees were snapped off clean at the base. That is an impressive amount of force! All of the broken trees we saw pointed south east, indicating the direction of the wind.

The pigs put the bacon on the table so to speak…

16°F/26°F, 1/2″ Snow, Overcast

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3 Responses to Birch Leaned Too Far

  1. P.V. says:

    Wow!!! That must have been a strong wind to snap off a tree like that!

  2. Farmerbob1 says:

    Found another ‘dizens’ Walter!

    Also, Chinese characters in the temperature line.

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