Big Pig

This is the matron of our herd. Like her name says, she’s a Big Pig. She now has her denser winter coat. Every fall I notice their coats thicken up. They look whiter until we get snow which shows their color to be anything but white with its extreme contrast. The coat of hair on the pigs is nothing like the double coat of fur on the dogs or the wool on the sheep but I suspect it does keep her warmer than if she were naked.

Today we put a water line in a trench from the overflow of one of the springs down to the sow level where the pigs are wintering. That will give them fresh running water in their little pond. Previously I just had the black plastic water line running along the surface through the field but with winter coming it might freeze. This will save me from having to carry water to them. Simple automation that makes a difference in everyone’s life. The pigs always have fresh water and I don’t have to lug it.

Winter is like eating ice cream for breakfast every day.

29째F/9째F, 2″ Snow


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8 Responses to Big Pig

  1. Urban Agrarian says:

    She may not have a double coat, but she does look like she has another type of good insulation, the kind that’s good to eat eith eggs for breakfast.

  2. pablo says:

    Remember that episode of the Beverly Hillbillies where a hippopotamus was mistaken for a VERY LARGE hog? Why does all of this pop culture stuff stay in my head?

  3. Lené Gary says:

    Hey Walter,
    For some reason, your pig picture brought back memories of my friends who were involved in the FFA in high school. Not being from a family who ranched or farmed, though my parents are both commodity brokers, I didn’t understand the purpose behind “showing pigs” at the rodeos.

    Do they do that sort of thing in Vermont? I may have mentioned that I grew up in Texas and Colorado–where livestock shows are quite integral to the culture of agriculture.

  4. eclectician says:

    Hi Walter –

    TW here, from offthebone – figured this was an appropriate entry on which to say hi.

    Do you raise pigs as your main crop? You certainly seem to fond of them!

  5. Hi LenĂŠ, There are livestock fairs in Vermont. I’ve never shown at any. To overwhelming. To many people. To much going on there and too much to do here. The fairs are during the warm weather which means we’re cranking on doing things. I suppose it is hard to have them during the winter… :)

    TW, yes, pastured pigs are our main livestock. We also have sheep, ducks, chickens, guineas, dogs and children out on pasture. But the pigs put the bacon on the table so to speak. :)

  6. Pablo, I only saw a couple of Beverly Hill’s episodes. Great story line thought! Hippos are actually closely related to pigs interestingly enough. -Walter

  7. Hick says:

    I think pigs are cute…no matter how big they get. The pigs are my favorite animal to look at when I go to the County Fair. Yours is a cutie.

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