Camera Here, Sheep Gone

NOTE: I am unable to post to my blog since Sunday morning. Something is going wrong with which is giving me 550 errors and failure to post new posts starting on Sunday. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I am trying to reach Blogger support but have had no success yet. While I wait for them to respond (It is now Tuesday) I am looking into other blogging solutions such as WordPress which will give me more control.

It has been a bad week for sheep. The fence was off while we were working along it doing the pig den roofs. It was dusk before we were done – a bear killed one ewe and injured another who died today. (Later I realized this was a cougar kill, not a bear kill.) A third sheep freaked and jumped the fence. I tracked it yesterday up to Sugar Mountain but it got too dark and I was nervous even dressed in orange. This noon a hunter stopped by to let me know he had seen a sheep up on top of Sugar Mountain. Will, two of the dogs and I hiked the peak and ridges looking for it. We found lots of tracks as well as two places with spore. That is one active sheep – up and down the mountain and back up again. We tracked it for miles but when the light was gone we returned home sans sheep.

It was a beautiful day for a long hike although I do prefer to not hike when there are hunters in the woods. We wore blaze orange and put orange vests on Kita and Saturn who tracked with us. I got some great panoramic photos with my new Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera that arrived yesterday evening.

Do NOT buy the Fuji FinePix E900 digital camera. See this update.

More news on that to follow once I’ve played with the camera for a while. The photo above is one of my first with the E900. This was taken from the top of Sugar Mountain looking back at our home fields. In the distance you can see our neighbors Brian and Becky who are about three quarters of a mile away from our house down the valley. On a clear day you can see all the way to New Hampshire but the snow today limited visibility a bit. In the foreground are red raspberry bushes that have grown up in the area in the top of our sugar bush that was devastated by the ice storm of 1998.

Friday: Low 24째F, High 31째F, 2″ Snow
Saturday: Low 23째F, High 30째F, 1″ Snow


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12 Responses to Camera Here, Sheep Gone

  1. Urban Agrarian says:

    So sorry to hear about the lambs. I hope you find the sheep before the bear does or even better I hope she finds her way back in one piece by herself.

    The picture of Kita in Thursday’s post sure looks like she’s ready for winter with such a nice thick coat.

  2. P.V. says:

    What happened with the sheep??? Why didn the dogs stop the bear?

  3. Lené Gary says:

    I’m really sorry to hear about the sheep, Walter. The photograph is beautiful–quite wintery in those hills of yours.

  4. ----------------------------- says:

    It’s nice to see the photos of wide open spaces on your blog – especially from my very tight urban kitchen…so glad to hear about your new camera…mf

  5. Peggy says:

    love the photos and sorry about your sheep. Hope they are safely home by now.

  6. pablo says:

    I use WordPress for my blog, and it has not given me any problems. However, my clever son-in-law does all of the coding and such that I don’t understand.

  7. Urban Agrarian says:

    OK here’s a thought. Send someone else your post and pic for the day and they can put it on their blog as a guest post refering to your blog. Multiple people could even host your post. You get your post up. You get refered to and you give other bloggers the day off from having to come up with their own posts. I volunteer to host your guest post. Any other takers.

    You know we are all waiting to find out about the lost sheep.

  8. jsm says:

    wow. nice pics!
    i sure hope my blog holds up. maybe i’ll make the move someday …

    i have a feeling the sheep were mistakenly covered in the snow and frozen when when the boys were shredding their way down the hill.

  9. abe/happy says:

    Hi Walter, I had the same problem, one day blogger would no longer accept the stupid password every time i tried to post! ~ i have moved to squarespace and its so easy, & cheap and best of all i got a free trial for a month incase i didnt like it there ~ oh and you can import all of your blog from here to there!

  10. Hick says:

    I so admire your hard work and concern for all you animals…even one little lost sheep. Bless you and your family.

    PS: My view of Pablo is shattered. I thought he was a genius with all his bells and whistles on his site. Now it turns out that he brazenly uses his son-in-law.

  11. Ah, but perhaps Pablo is a genius to have a son-in-law that can do the bells and whistles for him. That takes very long range planning… :)

  12. PV, I think what happened is the sheep were probably spread out at the far end of the south field while the dogs were bringing in the pigs. The pair of lambs got gotten by the bear then. All of a sudden the dogs too off and headed down there. I suspect they heard something which I missed. They drove the bear off then and brought back the remaining sheep. The lamb that had survived the attack was pretty bad off. I carried it back to the house and sewed it back up but it died a few days later.

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