Trail of Swine

Two days ago we had green fields. Yesterday and last night strange white stuff fell from the sky. Very bizarre. It almost makes one think the weather might be changing…

In the photo above the pigs are headed out to the south pasture single file under the watchful eye of Kita. The ground is still soft under the five inches of snow we received last night.

Low 29째F, High 31째F, Overcast, Snow 5″


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7 Responses to Trail of Swine

  1. abe/happy says:


    Is 29째F / -1 degree Celsius in our temperature?
    Love the snow.

  2. ’bout that – just below freezing. The snow is sticking but the ground below is still soft. We need the ground to harden up for winter logging. It can be a bit of a problem if we get deep snows before the ground freezes. The tree roots are better protected if there are a few inches of hard frost in the ground to support the skidders.

    On the other hand… I wouldn’t mind another month of this warm weather we’ve been getting so I can do more outdoor projects.

  3. abe/happy says:

    well I definately wouldnt be moving there to live in a hurry! ~ Way too cold for me!

    Actually Ive never even seen snow in real life ~ Maybey one day I will get to the Snowy Mountains here in Australia.

  4. *grin* Well, then you’ll be way ahead of me as I doubt I’ll ever even get to Australia never mind the Snowy Mountains in Australia. I’m not much of a traveler. You have beautiful reefs on your coasts and I must admit I envy you those! :)

  5. abe/happy says:

    Ok send me some snow in the post & I’ll send you some Great Barrier Reef *LOL*

  6. Wayne says:

    Walter, regardless of the difficulty in getting projects done it sure looks idyllic.

    I’m glad to hear someone else proclaim themselves not much of a traveller. I always feel out of place among so many who love to travel. On the other hand, what my mother said when my parents visited: Ahh, I see now why you don’t want to go anywhere.

    Have a good thanksgiving!

  7. Holly says, “Why travel when we already live in such a beautiful place…”

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