Big Pig

This is Big Pig, the matron sow of our herd. She leads her herd to lay down in green pastures. She is always first in line. She gets food first. She gets water first. She gets the choice grazing. She gets the best place to rest in the sun or shade, the best spot in the mud hole or pond. Even the boar steps out of her way. She is an excellent mother. She is good to the other pigs, she is gracious and she is gentle because she can afford to be. But don’t push her if you’re a lower ranking pig. She is Big Pig.

Night 45째F, Day 56째F, Rain 4″

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3 Responses to Big Pig

  1. P.V. says:

    So how big is Big pig???
    And where is Petra pig?
    Why is she named Petra?

  2. I’m not sure what she is up to now. At this point I can only tape her, that is measure her dimensions, to estimate her weight. Next time I do I’ll post her measurements. She’s a big girl.

    Petra pig is out and about in the field. I don’t think I have gotten any photos of her this week but it has been rather rainy and my camera doesn’t like rain. Actually, my son’s camera. My camera bit the dust for good. Very sad. As to Petra’s name, she is named after a certain actress whom she resembles in a most important way. And they both have pretty faces, for their respective species.

  3. P. V. says:

    I’m not sure how I would feel having a pig named after me…

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