The Big Bad EPA

An Associated Press news story notes that the Environmental Protection Agency wants to ease its regulatory burden on companies so they don’t have to report spills of less than 5,000 pounds of toxic chemicals. Additionally they feel pollutors need only report big spills every two years. Excellent thinking, that will give them more time to cover up the mess.

This is the same agency that lets the smoke stacks out in the mid-west spew those lovely chemicals into the air so we get such great bumper crops of blueberries and such crystal clear acidic lakes here in the east. Gotta love that acid rain.

I propose renaming it the Environmental Persecution Agency…

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2 Responses to The Big Bad EPA

  1. Anonymous says:

    perhaps we need to have a new law that factories must be built in the back yards of the executives. or maybe better yet executives must live where the factories are. and if they make a spill they have to live with it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I second that amendment!

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