Hay Forks

Today we picked up a pallet fork for the tractor. This will let us more easily unload cheese, orders of fencing and other heavy items that arrive via arrive on pallets via tractor tractor trucks. It will also let us move around large round bales of hay, piles of lumber, logs, timbers, etc.

Pallet forks are expensive. So is a front loader bail spear. Unreasonably expensive in the case of the latter given how simple a piece of equipment it is. I have wanted to get both of these items for a while. The savings in buying round bales over square bales was enough to pay for the baling spear. But that didn’t help me with the problem of unloading trucks. I think I can use the pallet forks for moving around the round bales of hay quite nicely. Until now I’ve been doing it with the bucket loader – iffy and requires a chain – and with the backhoe – works great but munges the plastic wrap on the round bale so it is only good for the last time I move the bale.

My budget isn’t such as to get both the pallet forks and the bale spear. The forks, while a bit more expensive, look to be a lot more useful. The clincher is the local creamery where we get trim and dated cheese as agreed to deliver an entire truck load of cheese, boxed and on pallets – provided I can unload it. The savings in gasoline over my having to go and get the cheese over the space of many trips is enough to pay for the pallet forks. So this gives me a free set of pallet forks that I can then also use for moving round bales of hay and other items. What a deal! Now I have a free set of pallet forks and a tractor trailer load of cheese coming soon. Tomorrow I’ll need to get use to using this new toy so I’ll be ready when the big cheese arrives.

On top of that it rained two inches last night. Things are looking up! We needed that water.

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4 Responses to Hay Forks

  1. jennieleland says:

    How much freezer space do I need for a half pig?

  2. A half pig is about two to three cubic feet. See the article What’s Half A Pig for lots more details.

  3. Loren says:

    Innovative. But you like the chain trick you did later better I take it……….

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