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Raspberries in Season

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Perfect Raspberry We’ve been enjoying the bounty of raspberries for over a month. It is not quite as plentiful as last year but still a very good year. These grow wild all over the mountain. They do particularly well with … Continue reading

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Barn Swallow Chicks

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Barn Swallow Chicks We have a lot of killdeer, barn swallows and other birds in our pastures. In fact there are far more birds and other wildlife here now than when we moved to our land over 25 years ago. … Continue reading

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First Snake of Spring

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Snake in the Grass Just saw my first snake of the year.

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Possum Time

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Possom a.k.a. Opossom a.k.a Didelphimorphia Opossom are not very common around here, and they’re not known by that name either – I tend to hear people poss’m when they mention them at all. I think it has been decades since … Continue reading

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Winter Ducks & Empathy

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Ducks and Geese Enjoying Winter Sun I spoke with a nice gentleman down in Georgia who was concerned about ducks he was seeing outside his apartment because it was down to the single digits (let’s assume 5°F) last night.†

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Merry Christmas 2014

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Tiny Cottage Christmas Tree 2014

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June Bug in December

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June Bug in December Hope found this June Bug on top of the snow. It’s not doing so hot. In fact, it’s too cold. A June-December relationship that did not work. With hands of ice. Outdoors: 30°F/23°F Overcast, Light Snow … Continue reading

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Pig Pond North Field

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Pigs at the North Field Pig Pond Pigs love water. On hot summer days they look like hippos swimming in their ponds. We have dug a number of shallow ponds, perhaps 10′ to 20′ wide which catch water. The pigs … Continue reading

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Changes Blowing In The Wind

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Last time we went to Cape Code it seems every one was talking about the off shore wind power plans. For and against it. Posters plastered. Newspaper articles. Everywhere. Seems the Kennedy family and their friends were against having wind … Continue reading

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Honey Bee

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Honey Bee on Burdock We have a lot of pollinators in our valley and mountain pastures. I’ve read about the problem bees have been having but we don’t seem to be having that locally.

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