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First Fall Snow 2016

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First Snow of the Fall of 2016 This morning we awoke to a reminder that winter is coming…

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Automatic Hoof Trimmer

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Pigs Using Automatic Hoof Trimmer Well, actually I would call it an automatic nail trimmer instead of hoof trimmer but the idea is the same. I don’t want to be trimming 32,000 pig nails a year. It is just not … Continue reading

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Last Snow of 2016 Spring

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Snow on Chopping Block Hopefully that is the last snow of this spring. We got 2″ overnight. The pattern of melt on the chopping block shows how the edges are cooler than the center.

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No Snow Day

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No Snow! A few days ago we got dumped on with six inches of snow. Now we’re back to a brief mud season and spring as usual. That was quick!

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