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Eat Meat to Save the Planet

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Omnivores Save the World According to an analysis, veganism is the worst diet for the planet with lacto-vegetarian and omnivore diets being the best: Sponsoring Advertisements:

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Fortune Telling on TV

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Pile of Knuckle Bone Dice The pile of knuckle bone dice above were shipped to a TV studio for use in an upcoming series that will feature a failed magician turned fortune teller. These bones from pastured pigs who lived … Continue reading

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The Red Pill or The Blue Pill?

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To Which Reality to You Subscribe? In the Matrix Morpheus offers Neo a choice of the red pill or the blue pill, two alternative realities reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. These red and blue pills are my version.

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Slit My Wrists

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Scar after some woman slit my wrist… Two weeks ago some woman that I had barely met slit my wrist. The skin’s closed up and I took the stitches out last Monday. I think it is going to heal up … Continue reading

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Cole Ward Lamb Workshop

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Cole Ward, the master butcher[1, 2] who we apprenticed with to open our own on-farm USDA/State inspected butcher shop will be holding a workshop on butchering lamb at the Weathersfield Inn in Perkinsville, Vermont. 10 AM to 4 PM Saturday … Continue reading

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Lost Balloons

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Little Lost Balloons in a Tree in the Thousand Acre Woods Did you ever wonder where balloons go to die? You’re at the fair or a party. A balloon is lost from a young child’s grip. It sails upward and … Continue reading

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Dr. Who?

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Tardis sighted in Stowe, VT When we were walking way over to The Bench – a restaurant that carries our pastured pork on our menu – I spotted Dr. Who’s time traveling Tardis parked out side a nearby building. Red … Continue reading

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Lightning Poly Wire

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What Happens When Lightning Strikes This is what happens when fence wire picks up the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a close lightning strike. I do not think these fences actually got directly hit by lightning. Rather they might have … Continue reading

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Apply Within

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Now Hiring – Apply Within That is just so very Zen.

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Exploding Phone Lines

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Lightning Blown Box Mother Nature had a temper tantrum. She blew up our phone line which runs about half a mile from our house down the mountain to the nearest POTS pedestal. Both the box at the pedestal and the … Continue reading

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