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Christmas Tree Cutting 2015

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Ben’s Face Perhaps using his teeth like a beaver to cut down the spruce tree was not such a good idea after all. The sap sticks to your tongue and lips. Not as nice as spearmint…

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Vaccination Cradle

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Ben with Vaccination Cradle I’m a strong proponent of vaccinations. I get vaccinated, my kids get vaccinated, my dogs get vaccinated and my livestock get vaccinated Vaccines are powerful preventative medicine. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention … Continue reading

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South Weaner Paddock Weaners

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Remus, Ben & Hanno Delivering Weaners We recently weaned 102 piglets. This is something we do in cohorts at about six weeks of age +/-2 weeks. These fall piglets have been going through the south weaner paddock rotational grazing system … Continue reading

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Ben found this MuzzleTov pig out in the pasture. It has an infection in it’s nose. We have a hospice area up near our cottage where we care for the occasional pig like this.

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North Home Field Greenhouse Foundation

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Will and Ben Working on North Home Field Greenhouse Site This year’s big outdoor construction projects have been fencing in a few fields with a new improved method, building a road from our farm driveway north to the north field … Continue reading

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Particle Accelerator Installed

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Girl Genius with New Cottage Space Drive I took this photo from way down in the ground level of the cottage looking up at Hope after she had just finished installing the neutrino particle accelerator in the loft of our … Continue reading

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Halloween 2015

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Halloween 2015 in Montpelier, VT This year the Barre merchants decided to hold Halloween on Friday, October 30th, instead of the real Halloween date so a lot of people missed the traditional parade in Barre. I learned later from the … Continue reading

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Sand Barrel

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Sand Barrel This is something that rural folk will immediately recognize for what it is but city folk may likely mistake it for an odd trash can.

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Catching Hope

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Levitatus Hope considering her nails while she levitates above brothers Ben and Will who are spotting her in case she falls in front of brilliant foliage.

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Wet Run #2 – Sausage

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Walter Breaking Primals Today we did our second wet run, cutting another half pig in our brandy-new butcher shop. The second time through went much faster and smoother. It will get better and better with practice.

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