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Window Frosting

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Frost on the Pane This is frost on our front door. It’s supposed to be a really well insulated door and glazing with argon but I’m not impressed with the commercial varieties. They frost up all too easily when it … Continue reading

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Off the Charts at -90°F and Colder than Hell

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We fell off the wind chill chart… Someone wrote me asking about the temperatures last night here in Vermont. It was -34.2°F on Sugar Mountain. The 70 mph winds were the real killer giving a windchill of about -90°F. This … Continue reading

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Van on a Pillar of Ice

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Van up on Ice Pillar Our snow is almost, finally, gone. Some years it’s a little earlier. Some years later. Soon the fields will be green.

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Cottage Door Ice Wall

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Morning Light on Cottage Door Ice Wall I’ve been encouraging this huge icicle to grow next to our door. It’s like growing beans but upside down. The weather conditions have been just right. It gives me ideas.

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