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Changes Blowing In The Wind

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Last time we went to Cape Code it seems every one was talking about the off shore wind power plans. For and against it. Posters plastered. Newspaper articles. Everywhere. Seems the Kennedy family and their friends were against having wind … Continue reading

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Government Feeding Toxic Shellfish…

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Our Government at Work According to this sign our beloved fearless leaders, or is that leerless feeders, are feeding toxic shellfish to New Englanders. Either that or they’re lying. Given the liability exposure of purposefully poisoning the populous it seems … Continue reading

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Very Low Airplane

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Very Low Flying Airplane 2014-08-20 ~16:45 I would estimate that this private looking plane was less than 100′ over our cottage roof. That’s below the legal limit of 500′ per the FAA. Very loud and obnoxious. If it were much … Continue reading

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Remembering Before European Censors

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Real Pigs behaving like Real Pigs Everyone should make a link on their blog to this article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/legacy/thereporters/robertpeston/2007/10/merrills_mess.html

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