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Kermit and the Ganders

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Geese in a Cage We have geese. People often ask, what are the geese for? Do we use them for guarding? Do we sell goose for Christmas?

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Goose & Gander Gander Gander

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Goosie Goosie Gooise and Gander Gander Gander We have nine geese, goosies and ganders combined, and now we have nine goslings as well making a total of eighteen.

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Product Mortality

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New Goslings This is a totally out of the left field thought but worth considering… Where do dead product lines go? What is the morality of product mortality?

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Goose Stepping

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Geese in South Field Paddocks We’re starting to green up here on the mountain. Six hundred feet lower in altitude they have perhaps eight inches of grass growth in their fields. Ours will be there soon… Thinking green thoughts…

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Spring Piglets

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Spring Piglets with Chickens Piglets are popping. These little guys were born in the south field shed which is an open three sided shed wrapped around a courtyard. They have a deep bedding pack which gives them warmth from below … Continue reading

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Snow Geese

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Snow Geese Every day the snow pack builds up a little thicker. It’s that time of year. Interestingly, even on a clear cold night we still get some snow. Dew snow. The moisture dropping out of the air even without … Continue reading

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Winter Ducks & Empathy

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Ducks and Geese Enjoying Winter Sun I spoke with a nice gentleman down in Georgia who was concerned about ducks he was seeing outside his apartment because it was down to the single digits (let’s assume 5°F) last night.†

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Goslings Growing

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Geese & Goslings in South Field Of the six goslings hatched this spring five are still alive and thriving out in the south field. They are starting to take on the colors of their parents and look much more sure … Continue reading

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Gosling Time

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Very Attendant Parents, Uncle and Aunt Six little goslings following the flock, or rather perhaps being surrounded by their elders. Another goose is sitting on an nest full of eggs so there should be more soon. Outdoors: 71°F/51°F Sunny Tiny … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Stickers Stories

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For our Kickstarter Stickers Hope helped me pick out the photos to use on the stickers for the Kickstarter rewards which have been shipping out. I wanted a Kid’s View when selecting stickers, many of which I suspect will be … Continue reading

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