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Baseball Pigs

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Baseball from South Field Ark Ben found this baseball out in the south field Ark in the bedding pack. Apparently our pigs have taken up winter practice for the coming ball season. Think of the Ark as Florida North.

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Iron Oval

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Found Object: Iron Oval According to what I’ve read our land is too high up in the mountains for Native American settlements so we never find arrow heads. Our rock is igneous so we never find fossils. What we do … Continue reading

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Found Object: Rubber Ball

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Rubber Ball in Hay Bale We find a variety of interesting objects in our hay bales. This year’s special is a rubber ball. It’s pretty chewed up, probably from the haying machine. Other year’s we’ve found iron rods, knives, hose … Continue reading

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Hammer Head Found

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Old Hammer Head This is not my hammer. This is not my head. This is probably not from in my lifetime.

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Pig Skull Found

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Pig Skull Click for the Big Picture I find bones fascinating. This is what we discover inside when all the squishy parts have been stripped away. Carnivores chew on them and sometimes leave one behind. Mice and insects clean the … Continue reading

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Found Item – Stainless Steel Clamp

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Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Will and Ben found this in one of the hay bales they were feeding out. Last year we found a big knife. Fortunately we found it rather than the pigs or tractor tire.

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Iron Ski Found

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Iron Ski Found Where’s the skier? Perhaps a primitive snowmobiler? Hmm… What do you think this is? Leave ideas in the comments…

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Pottery Shard

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Shattered Dreams I found this shard of pottery out in the south field. PB, one of our sows, may have dug it up when she was building her house of stones. She is the only pig in that area as … Continue reading

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Found Item – Porcelain Insulator

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Porcelain Insulator Our land is high in the mountains, away from the rivers and flat fertile valleys. As such, so I am told, it was never settled by the indians. We’ve never seen any sign of Native American settlements.

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Armed Pigs!

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Found Knife Ben found this ‘little’ 12″ knife hidden in our winter hay. Has someone been supplying weapons to our pigs?! Perhaps they’re revolutionary capitalist pigs and planning to take over the farm!?!

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