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Tusk Hooked

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Montpelier Building by Bridge No photo of today’s topic because when a 1,000 lb boar has his tusk stuck on the fence you don’t lollygag around with a camera.

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Lightning Poly Wire

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What Happens When Lightning Strikes This is what happens when fence wire picks up the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a close lightning strike. I do not think these fences actually got directly hit by lightning. Rather they might have … Continue reading

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North Home Field Sow and Piglets

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Nine Piglets in North Home Field A Piglet-Fix for those in need. These little piglets are hitting that maximum cuteness stage designed to pull the heart strings of mammals everywhere. It’s a good evolutionary strategy.

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Electric Gate

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Electrified Gate Pigs lift things with their noses and easily throw gates off their hinge hooks. This is an instinctual behavior – there is no particular intelligence about it. They stick their noses in low openings and lift. It’s rooting. … Continue reading

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