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South Weaner Paddock Weaners

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Remus, Ben & Hanno Delivering Weaners We recently weaned 102 piglets. This is something we do in cohorts at about six weeks of age +/-2 weeks. These fall piglets have been going through the south weaner paddock rotational grazing system … Continue reading

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Pig Proof Fence

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Pig Proof Fence Pigs are not terribly hard to fence once trained to electric, provided the electric stays on and everything they want is inside the pastures where we want them to be.

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Pigs Fix Fences

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Fence Pigs Will Fix Our land is not straight, level nor plumb. Rather it waves up and down the slopes of the mountain. That tends to make fencing a bit of a challenge. Fence lines like to be pulled tight … Continue reading

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Tusk Hooked

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Montpelier Building by Bridge No photo of today’s topic because when a 1,000 lb boar has his tusk stuck on the fence you don’t lollygag around with a camera.

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Lightning Poly Wire

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What Happens When Lightning Strikes This is what happens when fence wire picks up the Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) from a close lightning strike. I do not think these fences actually got directly hit by lightning. Rather they might have … Continue reading

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North Home Field Sow and Piglets

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Nine Piglets in North Home Field A Piglet-Fix for those in need. These little piglets are hitting that maximum cuteness stage designed to pull the heart strings of mammals everywhere. It’s a good evolutionary strategy.

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Electric Gate

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Electrified Gate Pigs lift things with their noses and easily throw gates off their hinge hooks. This is an instinctual behavior – there is no particular intelligence about it. They stick their noses in low openings and lift. It’s rooting. … Continue reading

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Weaners Weaning Wee-Wee-Wee

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Weaners Relaxing in Shade We just weaned 30 piglets. This means they graduated from being piglets to being weaner pigs. In a few weeks they’ll be shoats and then growers, roasters and finishers – graduations based on age which relates … Continue reading

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Microlots Nesting

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Microlots Considering Nest Location Each week we sort pigs, shifting them around between herd groups, boar territories, paddocks and selecting those who will go to market. Part of that is moving the late gestation ladies out of the main herds … Continue reading

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First Snake of Spring

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Snake in the Grass Just saw my first snake of the year.

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