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South Weaner Paddock Weaners

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Remus, Ben & Hanno Delivering Weaners We recently weaned 102 piglets. This is something we do in cohorts at about six weeks of age +/-2 weeks. These fall piglets have been going through the south weaner paddock rotational grazing system … Continue reading

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Pig Proof Fence

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Pig Proof Fence Pigs are not terribly hard to fence once trained to electric, provided the electric stays on and everything they want is inside the pastures where we want them to be.

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Pigs Fix Fences

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Fence Pigs Will Fix Our land is not straight, level nor plumb. Rather it waves up and down the slopes of the mountain. That tends to make fencing a bit of a challenge. Fence lines like to be pulled tight … Continue reading

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Tusk Hooked

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Montpelier Building by Bridge No photo of today’s topic because when a 1,000 lb boar has his tusk stuck on the fence you don’t lollygag around with a camera.

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