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Resurrection Pumpkins

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A Pumpkin that doesn’t give up Last night we got our first fall frost. This is remarkably late. We are greatly appreciating this long spell of warm weather deep into the fall. Normally we get frosts in late August or … Continue reading

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Purple Thistle – Grand Rotation

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Purple Thistle (Silybum marianum) I used to worry about thistles and burdocks. That was back before our pigs. The thistles because while they are beautiful they are also extremely painful to brush up against. The burdock because they use our … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus) Blooming The sun is out and strong. Both the one in the sky and all the brilliant sunchokes and sunflowers down the ground that follow their sky Goddess with their faces every day.

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Blue Sky Pears

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Pears in Sky This is a good year for the apples and pears. They’re a wonderful late summer and fall forage for the livestock who clean up under the trees. Outdoors: 74°F/59°F Sunny, 1/2″ Rain Tiny Cottage: 69°F/62°F Daily Spark: … Continue reading

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