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Wanted: A Few Good Bitches

Kavi watching from on high. Our large pack has six generations and almost 30 years of history guarding and herding our livestock, protecting our animals from local predators, eating small pests like mice and living the good life here on … Continue reading

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Missing Dog – Romula

Missing Dog – Romula Female Black, White, Brown No Collar ~45 lbs Last seen in Orange Reward for Return Walter Jeffries walterj@sugarmtnfarm.com (802) 439-6462 Here is the poster if you would like to hang one: Romula Poster

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Wolfish Savoring

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Kavi There is the interesting phrase “wolfing your food down” which is quite appropriate. Wolves gulp their food down in huge chunks and are able to swallow even a whole large chicken in one amazing bite. A totally “National Geographic” … Continue reading

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Giant Pika Puppy

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Giant Puppy Pika Peeking In Yesterday was the first snow Pika has seen. She is now as large as Hagrid the Half Giant dog who guarded our mountain for years. He was the same size as her at the same … Continue reading

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