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South Field Sows, Chickens, Ducks & Piglets

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Sows Waiting This spot is a junction of many fields. Sometimes that fence is open to allow free passage or for herding of pigs from the lower to higher mountain fields. Today it is closed with the carabiners you can … Continue reading

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Six Chicky Chicks

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Buff Orpington and Chicks Mostly we buy in baby chicks every few years but some are born on the farm, hatched by our existing population of chickens like these six chicks who are being mothered by a Buff Orpington hen.

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Odd Egg Out

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Odd Egg Out One of these eggs is not like the others… Well, actually, all of them are from our pastured chickens. We don’t feed commercial hen feed – I expect the chickens to work for a living foraging on … Continue reading

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Ticked Me Off

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Tick Off of Me I found this tick crawling up my leg. It had not bitten me yet, and never will.

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Dust Bowl

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Chicken Dust Bowl Pigs like to wallow in the mud. It is a sunscreen, insect repellant, skin moisturizer and helps them cool down.

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Piglet & Chicken Sunning

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Piglet & Araucana Chicken Hen Today is just a pretty picture of an Araucana hen chicken and a piglet warming themselves in the sun.

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Winter Hens on Hay

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Ameraucana, Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Red Hens on Hay These three hens hang out with the pigs on the strawberry plateau. Each group of pigs has a flock of birds who’ve assigned themselves as support staff. We don’t sell … Continue reading

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Ceiling of Chickens

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Chickens Roosting in South Field Shed I was down checking the animals in the south field shed and looked up to see a ceiling of feathered butts.

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Roaster and Rooster

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Old Cock A Blackie line roaster gilt pig and an Araucana rooster enjoying the sun on the deep bedding hay pack outside the south field shed. This rooster is getting on in years but still a dominant bird in the … Continue reading

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Peeking Chicken

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Pekin Cheeckin I spotted something orange under one of the pumpkin plants on the south field plateau. Getting closer I realized it was not a pumpkin, no surprise given how early it is in the season. Instead it was a … Continue reading

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