Letters Never Sent

Letters Never Sent*

I’ve had a number of people who’ve asked why I’ve stopped writing. I actually haven’t stopped writing although I’m definitely writing less in recent time due to increased work load. Apparently there really are only 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4 seconds in a day – I had been trying to fit sleep in the last 3 minutes and 56 seconds but that wasn’t working since there are not really 24 hours in a day. But I definitely haven’t been publishing many articles here on my blog recently. Mostly simply because I haven’t had time to polish them for release.

There are thousands of articles I’ve written that I haven’t yet published and perhaps another couple thousand that I’ve published in other venues but not yet here on my blog. I continue polishing, researching, outlining and simply thinking about them in some cases. I tend to like having the articles totally ready before I release them into the wild. This means sometimes I’ll set them aside and come back to them days, weeks, months or even years later. In addition to those I have notes for about another 4,000 articles on the topics of pigs, construction, cottage, butcher shop, small farming and such.
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Robbery & Sabotage – REWARD!!!


Updates in comments: 3 of 5 to 8 arrested

Someone sabotaged our field fencing letting many of our pigs out here at Sugar Mountain Farm in Orange, Vermont. Virtually all of the pigs are still on my land and not far from their fields. At this point the vast majority are back in since they tend to stay towards the food source and where they’re familiar.
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Roaster Pig Available 46 lbs

Oven, Butterfly & Spit Roasters

I have a 46 lb roaster pig available now in my on-farm butcher shop cooler. $5/lb + $65 USDA kill so $295 picked up here at the farm. Butterflying is available for $25.

Roaster pigs are available in all sizes. Prices range from $4 to $6 per pound depending on size. Smaller pigs cost more per pound as do very large roasters do to difficulty in handling. See the Roaster Page for details on other sizes up to 200 lbs can be ordered with a three week lead time.
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Pork, Roasters & Porchettas

Pork, Roasters & Porchettas Available

Porchetta Roasts available, spiced, cured, rolled, tied and ready to slow cook in your oven or over a spit. All sizes. Flat roasts, rolled roasts and whole pig roasts. Traditional Italian style porchetta spicing or specialty blends, dry rub maple, kielbasa, bratwurst, farmhouse salt & pepper & more. Pricing starts as low as $25 for a small flat or round porchetta roast and as low as $6/lb for Easy-Carve partially deboned large whole pig porchettas. Let us know what you would like.
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