Toad Stool

Amphibian Seating in Strawberry Garden

I just got a wonderful looking book “The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms” which has a neat classification system of numbers for the various species regarding how easily they can be confused with other edible or deadly mushrooms. Hope and I are going to use it for identifying shrooms as part of her homeschooling units. More details to follow when we’ve finished wending our way through.
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The Good Sow

Tamworth Piglets in North Home Field

Remus , brother of Romula, checking out a new litter of Tamworth piglets in the North Home Field.
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Piglet Hut

Piglets in Hut

I had mentioned piglet huts the other day. These provide a bit of shade and protection for the wee ones when they want it. Generally we leave the end of the hut open and placed on slightly sloping ground for drainage. This way piglets can go in and out as they like. A home away from womb they so recently abandoned.

Outdoors: 84°F/62°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 74°F/66°F

Daily Spark: Anger is the child of fear. – Wife of Wilem Lang

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Ton of Piglets

North Home Field Piglets

We have literally a ton of piglets. So much cuteness enjoying these warm blue sky summer days.

Outdoors: 84°F/59°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 73°F/65°F

Daily Spark: Life isn’t meant to be easy.

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