Face of a Farmer

Holly in North Home Field

This is the face of a farmer, satisfied after herding sixty sows and piglets to new pastures across Sugar Mountain. Some people complain that farming is hard or dangerous work. But the views and company more than make up for it.

Outdoors: 83°F/65°F Partially Sunny, Mostly Cloudy, 2″ Rain
Tiny Cottage: 73°F/66°F

Daily Spark: Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have. ~Harry Emerson Fosdick

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Moving Sowth

Sows in New North Home Field – Click for Big View

Back in the spring the sows and Spits had migrated north to the North Field paddocks. On Sunday our Berkshire breeding boar Spitz and over sixty sows and piglets headed south across Sugar Mountain to new pastures closer to our cottage. We began by simply calling in most of the northern herd down from the mountain and opened up the lush fresh ungrazed North Home Field pasture. Hog heaven.
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Bubbles in FCB Ceiling

Ben Removing Bubble Wrap in FCB

This is our son Ben removing the bubble wrap from the ceiling of Freezer-Cooler-Brine (FCB). He’s up on the 2nd level scaffolding. Yesterday I talked about revealing the top of the FCB ceilings. We’ve also been removing the form work from the inside of FCB. The ceilings are now revealed in all their arched glory.
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FCB Top Revealed

FCB Top Revealed

We recently removed the scaffolding and form work above the Freezer-Cooler-Brine (FCB) rooms that we had just poured. The interior of the FCB ceilings are barrel vaults, using the same forms we used to build the Chiller.
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