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Magic Wall Mystery Question

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Strange Ghostly Circles in Butcher Shop In our butcher shop hall closet six strange circles have magically appeared on the back wall. Are these ghosts trying to communicate from the beyond? What could have cause them? I wash the wall … Continue reading

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Dust on the Walls

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Striations in Dust on the Walls Ben is almost finished up grinding the plaster and floors. This creates a lot of dust so they wear dust masks, goggles, hats, gloves and suits. They look like a hazmat team. The suites … Continue reading

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Sandy Cloud Bank

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Sandy Clouds Just some pretty clouds. Our snow is all gone. Fields are greening. Fences are mending. Animals are moving out of winter paddocks. Turns out we can actually get satellite internet which is a whole lot faster than what … Continue reading

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Spring 2014 Mystery Photo

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Networking Care to guess who our mystery visitor was in this photograph? No, this was not done with my new scanning electron microscope nor is it a network mapping simulation or our aging spy satellite.

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Mystery Bird

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Mystery Bird Any idea what this bird might be? I suspect it may be a young bird. I saw it on the south field plateau where the pumpkins are growing. It didn’t fly away but I couldn’t get close enough … Continue reading

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Iron Ski Found

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Iron Ski Found Where’s the skier? Perhaps a primitive snowmobiler? Hmm… What do you think this is? Leave ideas in the comments…

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Roof Revealed

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Butcher Shop Roof Revealed as seen from North Home Field This week we unbedded the butcher shop roof from its winter slumbers. After we did the last big pour that closed in the building in December 2012 we covered the … Continue reading

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Who’s that Pipe?

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Mystery Pipe I was working on some of the plumbing in the butcher shop and ran across an unknown pipe opening. I couldn’t remember what that was for. Examining my floor plans I couldn’t find that pipe. I finally found … Continue reading

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Ben’s Butcher Shop Model

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Ben’s Model of our Butcher Shop To show his grandparents at Christmas what we have been up to this year our son Ben built a model of our on-farm Butcher Shop. I snapped some photos while he was in the … Continue reading

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Insulaltion vs Concrete – Closing in on Opening Up

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Butcher Shop before pouring ceilings – insulation in place around scaffold In the butcher shop we used a combination of brand new Formula 250 pink board insulation and recycled insulation that I have been saving for decades. Some readers have … Continue reading

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