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Dragons Out

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Jewelweed and Water Droplet One of my favorite flowers is the jewelweed also known as Touch-Me-Nots and scientifically named Impatiens noli-tangere. It grows wild and particularly likes moist soils. The flowers look like little dragons and are gorgeous colors.

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Field of Marshmallows

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White Marshmallow Flower (Althaea officinalis) You may not realize it but those little sugary confectionaries that you roast on a stick start out as flowers like this which grow in our pastures. Some are pink and some are white. The … Continue reading

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Field Nest

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Rooted Nest Our pigs root very little out in the pastures. When they root primarily they do something like this to build a nest. The rooting shown here is only about an inch or two deep. That’s pretty typical. Their … Continue reading

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Apple Blossoms in History

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Apple Blossoms The Cherry trees have been blooming for a while. The apple and pear trees burst into color this week. After winds the driveway is carpeted in white and pink petals like confetti for a wedding or ticker tape … Continue reading

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