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Traveling Door

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Traveling Door This is a special traveling door getting welded together on top of Will’s metal making machine. It will start in the doorway between the iCutter and Cave. Later when we have the Cave and FCB finished off the … Continue reading

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Curing the Butcher Shop

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Cherry Branch in Ice from Mist Back on the 24th of February we have completed the interior plastering and coves of the bathroom and initial cutter rooms. That represented the first day of the 28 day wait for the concrete … Continue reading

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Fricon in Butcher Shop

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Fricon in Office This week we got the Fricon fridge, our chest refrigerator, into the office. During our initial butchering we’ll be using our existing chest freezer and chest refrigerator. This lets us get going without having to build the … Continue reading

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More Snowy Cottage

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Cottage and Dogs with Treehouse in Distance Yesterday and last night we got a lot more snow. It’s compacted down some but still quite fluffy. The world is white under a crystal blue sky. Cold weather to come.

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