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Peanut Butter Arrival at New Loading Dock

New loading dock’s first use This spring Ben and I built a new granite unloading dock for the farm. It allows a tractor trailer truck to backup to a stone slab wall out by the gate. Then I can easily … Continue reading

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Hay’s Here 2015 – Investment Banking

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204 Bales of Hay on the Landing, 204 Bales of hay… …Take one down, pass it around, 203 bales of hay on the landing… Yes, pigs eat hay. About 100 to 150 tons a year pass through our pigs. This … Continue reading

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Hot Pepper Beer

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Hot Pepper Hops We get a little bit of spent barley from a local brew pub. It makes a nice supplement to pasture and they are right on our delivery route so it is efficient to pick it up making … Continue reading

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Vet Visit

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Panorama of South Field Gathering of Pigs – Click on the picture to zoom larger. This is the fall sleeping area for the south herd. You can see some hay bales we put out which draws them in to sleep … Continue reading

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Moo Cow Sow

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Moo Cow Sow chewing her cud… Occasionally some miss-informed individual tells me that pigs can’t eat grass, can’t eat hay, can’t thrive on pasture. When I relay this message to my sows it sends them into spasms of laughter which … Continue reading

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How Many Sows Do You Need?

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15 New Born Piglets This is one of our Mainline sows who recently had fifteen live piglets and two dead. That’s an excellent piglet count and an excellent live birth rate. Not every ovum fertilized gestates. Not every fetus gets … Continue reading

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FDA FSMA Threatens Brewers and Farmers

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Government Water – Perfectly clear, sterilized, fortified, fornicated and looking good but tastes like shit. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is putting forth over reaching, heavy handed, idiotic regulation under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Incase you can’t … Continue reading

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Spent Barley

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Boiled Spent Barley We sometimes get the left over spent barley from making beer at a local brew pub. The smell is lovely, like barley soup – something I love. The consistency is more like oat meal, perhaps a bit … Continue reading

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Terms of the pig and Frequently Asked Questions… %DMI is Percent Dry Matter Intake which is how feeds are measured by discounting the water portion of the food. If you know the %DMI and the feed item then you know … Continue reading



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We are a small, family owned and operated farm in the mountains of Vermont with our own on-farm inspected butcher shop. We breed and raise pigs humanely and naturally on pasture/hay plus dairy to produce high quality pork, roasters for … Continue reading