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Letter Regarding Vermont RAP Rules

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Shroom Flowers To the Agency of Agriculture: The proposed Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs) rules in Vermont are going about it all wrong and will have many unintended consequences that are destructive to small farms and local agriculture without solving the … Continue reading

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How Many Sows Do You Need?

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15 New Born Piglets This is one of our Mainline sows who recently had fifteen live piglets and two dead. That’s an excellent piglet count and an excellent live birth rate. Not every ovum fertilized gestates. Not every fetus gets … Continue reading

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Catch the Cold

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Behind the Mask Catch the cold and keep it to yourself. I’m talking about biosecurity. Those masks aren’t to protect us from the animals – it’s the other way around. We’re protecting the animals. Pigs are susceptible to human cold … Continue reading

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If you have not already put down a deposit you are too late for this spring and summer. Next available piglets will be in October. Consider raising winter pigs. Sow, Piglets, Sheep & Chickens Grazing Feeder Weaner Piglets reserves list … Continue reading