Malum Prohibitum – Silly Laws on NPR

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From the News Feed: January 26th 2018 – National Public Radio’s host Krissy Clark on Market Place’s Uncertain Hour Season 2, Episode 7: Law and Odor featured Walter Jeffries of Sugar Mountain Farm as an ‘expert’ on the sexual odor of pig carcasses, e.g. Boar Taint. The show is also available as an iTunes podcast. Start at minute 7, second 23 for the start of the pig smell discussion which then jumps to minute 10, second 10 up to about minute 19. Favorite phrase of the day: Malum prohibitum or silly laws.

For more news about Sugar Mountain Farm and Walter that has appeared out in the media see the News Page.

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  1. Julia says:

    Well, I love Marketplace, so I’ll try to listen to this!

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