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Fly Away Little Bird

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Little Bird in the Hand I just caught a bird in my hand. Very gently. I was afraid of crushing it. It is so small. I actually caught it three times but twice let go because I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Apple Time

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Apples Ripening Our apple and pear trees are heavy with fruit. It is the fall bounty. We have a lot of apple trees out in the pastures, primarily wild. Both pigs and chickens enjoy the drops.

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On the Rag

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Towel to the Rescue Each week we sort meat to orders. As I sort I weigh up the packages for invoicing customers. The packages of meat are extra cold, super chilled to about 27°F to 30°F. Meat doesn’t freeze until … Continue reading

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Makon Bacon

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Test Bacon Batch This summer I’ve been making a lot of bacon as well as doing a number of other pork belly recipes. I’m up to my 14th batch. Eating in the name of science and marketing you might say.

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Eat Meat to Save the Planet

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Omnivores Save the World According to an analysis, veganism is the worst diet for the planet with lacto-vegetarian and omnivore diets being the best:

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Vermont Kickstarter Backers All Contacted

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This year and part of last year since we opened the butcher shop at Sugar Mountain Farm I’ve been filling the CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter pre-orders that help with funding the construction of the butcher shop. I have now finished … Continue reading

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First Monarch Butterfly

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First Monarch Butterfly in Two Years This is the first Monarch Butterfly I’ve seen in two years. So far I’ve seen only one this year which is quite discouraging. One almost doesn’t even count. Recent research is blaming Monsanto, GMOs … Continue reading

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