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That is just so very Zen.

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Daily Spark: I saw a photo of one guy with a sign about guns killing people saying guns should be banned an another who wanted to ban spoons. Admittedly there is a problem when the nut cases try and take away ours because they are afraid. If they don’t want to then don’t own one. Personally, I have nine spoons. One for soup, several for serving, one for ice cream, one for grapefruit. I like having specialized spoons. They are tools that do specific jobs. Spoons don’t make you fat. In the interest of peaceful relations might I suggest that if we can’t agree about spoon ownership then maybe they just need to eat ice cream cones.

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2 Responses to Apply Within

  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Your spark is right on target.

    Mailed you a New Hebrides coin yesterday with a bit of provenance.

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