Big Punch Hoe Train

Punch Hoe Train

We saw this interesting machine drive up to the railroad tracks and climb on to the south bound line.
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Rather than the digging bucket being on an articulated arm it is on a linear retracting arm. Very different than our backhoe or the track hoe we bring in on occasion.

The tracks were wet and he seemed to be having a hard time getting going but once he had momentum away he went. Hope he doesn’t have to stop suddenly!

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Daily Spark: Daddy, where did i come from? Well, my child, when two mathemeticians fall in love they get together and, er, well, they multiply and when you multiply the square root of -1 by itself it is no longer imaginary… and there you are!

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  1. Peter says:

    This immediately reminded me of “Railroad Alaska.” Except they use regular excavators. I do see the regular road-going Gradalls driving around here, not surprised someone did a hack for a track-going version.

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