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Spitzon’s Gash Spitzon, son of Spitz, made a mistake. About a month ago he left his south field territory and went north where his father reigns supreme. This was a mistake because not only is Spitz several hundred pounds larger … Continue reading

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Snow Goon is Back

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Rise of the Snow Good The evil snow goons are once again rising from the depths of the granite mountains where they have laid imprisoned in solid stone through the summer months.

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Iron Horse in Waterbury

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Raging Iron on Sky Occasionally I go down off the mountain on the delivery route. Yes, the world is still there. In Waterbury, Vermont I spotted something new by the side of the road.

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Winter’s Here

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Upper Pond & Cottage As noted yesterday, winter arrived at 1:03 pm on Wednesday. Punctually on schedule. This morning we woke up to about 10″ of snow. The world has changed from grey November to white winter just in time … Continue reading

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The End of Summer

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Driving Posts with Backhoe Yesterday it was 56°F. Summer time temperatures. Sunny. Balmy. Today was a little cooler. Fall arrived about mid-day. At 1:03 PM winter arrived as I started walking in from the field for lunch. We got several … Continue reading

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Richmond Market

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Richmond Market in Richmond, Vermont This year we began delivering to Richmond Market down by the train tracks in Richmond, Vermont just south of Exit-11 on I-89. This is a sister store to the Village Market in Waterbury, VT.

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Katya’s Helen Keller Moves

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Katya Resting below Unicorn Katya is one of our livestock guardian dogs but she’s a little disabled, or differently enabled to put it in politically correct terminology. Specifically when she was a puppy she had white muscle disease which is … Continue reading

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Shipping Condensation

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Condensation on Insulation As we get ready to open the butcher shop we have been doing testing for shipping CSA Pre-Buys and Kickstarter meat packages to all the people who pre-bought to help with the funding of building the butcher … Continue reading

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Glowing Views

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Non-Karnovian Radiation There have been rumors in our town about the various types of research we do up here in our laboratories. There was the time that someone stood up at town meeting to ask what should be done about … Continue reading

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Found Object: Rubber Ball

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Rubber Ball in Hay Bale We find a variety of interesting objects in our hay bales. This year’s special is a rubber ball. It’s pretty chewed up, probably from the haying machine. Other year’s we’ve found iron rods, knives, hose … Continue reading

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