Piggy Back

Me and My Pig – Walter Carrying Roaster

Pigs get to a size where carrying them gets a bit more difficult like with this 80 lb roaster. The fact that he objected to being picked up added to the challenge. Fortunately he settled down and learned to ride on my back after the initial surprise at his new position in the world.

Normally we simply herd pigs along the ground which keeps things simple but in this case I had several roaster pigs that I was selecting from an area that has no easy pig walking path so I picked them up. Having them on my shoulder distributes their weight and lets me hold securely to their foot and up across their shoulder. Their back legs are on my back bracing themselves as they ride piggy back. Works.

Outdoors: 67°F/53°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: #1 Best Reason to not have a Pig Roast: The wedding was called off because the ex-groom, now reconfirmed as a bachelor, caught the ex-bride, now his ex-fiancee, in a rather, er, compromising position with one of his now presumably ex-employees. For the second time. Best not to cross the threshold or start the journey on the wrong foot.

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2 Responses to Piggy Back

  1. am in the pm says:

    Were you wearing earplugs ?

    • Actually, the pigs getting a ride on my shoulder were pretty calm. They didn’t like it, compared with walking, but the were pretty calm other than kicking me in the back a few times to get purchase for their piggy back ride.

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