White Cluster Flowers

White Cluster Flowers

Not yet identified. It’s that time of year for… Name That Flower!
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My guess is Achillea millefolium also known as Common Yarrow. Hope and I have a project this year to identify 100 forages from our pastures. With homeschooling we have many yearly projects that we set as our goals like this.

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Daily Spark: There is bacon in Heaven so logically there must also be pigs. After all, anywhere without bacon would be Hell.

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6 Responses to White Cluster Flowers

  1. Edmund Brown says:

    Sure looks like yarrow to me.

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Yarrow clogs the barrow, but grows marrow in the barrow.

    No excuse for this, but an opportunity to check the capcha code. 9/2/14

  3. Tim says:

    The last sentence of the post.

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