Paper Wasp Nest

Friendly Warriors

Wasps are our friends. They hunt insects that I don’t want around, like Emerald Ash Borers, caterpillars that eat my garden plants, etc. Generally they build their nests out of the way as they like privacy. This one is in a small maple tree out in the south field. I spotted it while I was out taming piglets.

Outdoors: 74°F/52°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/62°F

Daily Spark: Ascribing everything to good or bad luck means one fails to learn from experience that would help bias the odds in your favor.

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2 Responses to Paper Wasp Nest

  1. Pam R. says:

    How high off the ground was it? There’s a theory that the higher it is, the harder the winter. Last year around here the nests were very low, under 15′. But it was a long hard winter, and the snow came late here, the ground froze below 4′.

    • About head height. I see them at many different heights so I don’t put much faith in that theory. For the record, this was a normal winter for us. Normal temperatures, maybe slightly warmer than some (never got below -25°F) and a normal amount of snow, neither deep nor shallow.

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