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Escape Route

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Whey Rock Escape Route Pigs are not actually all that intelligent despite the anthropomorphism put forth by Hollywood. The fact is, pigs are very, very good at being pigs. But pigs are not dogs and pigs are not humans. Some … Continue reading

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Umbilical Hernia

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Pig with Umbilical Hernia Not everybody’s perfect. Once in a while someone’s belly button doesn’t get properly tied by the doctor and you get an outie or it even comes untied, or unbuttoned, in which case you get a hernia … Continue reading

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Dust Bowl

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Chicken Dust Bowl Pigs like to wallow in the mud. It is a sunscreen, insect repellant, skin moisturizer and helps them cool down.

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Polyurea Tractor Tire Repair

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Polyurea Tire Patch One of the rear tires of the tractor has a bad spot. At some point a stick stuck through the face of the tire causing us misery. It has been getting worse for a couple of years. … Continue reading

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