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Piglet Depth and Temperature

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Piglets One Deep They say you can tell the temperature by cricket chirps. Another thing to monitor is piglet depth a.k.a. pig piling. When piglets are at a very comfortable temperature they look like the ones above, spaced out about … Continue reading

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FDA FSMA Threatens Brewers and Farmers

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Government Water – Perfectly clear, sterilized, fortified, fornicated and looking good but tastes like shit. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is putting forth over reaching, heavy handed, idiotic regulation under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Incase you can’t … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Piglet

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Raised by Wolves This is a runt piglet, about a third the size of a normal piglet, which we brought into the kitchen to take care of so it wouldn’t be crushed by the other piglets in the litter. Being … Continue reading

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Fence Deep Snow Pack

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Snow Deep Fence Theoretically it is spring but we still have a lot of snow. The fence in the photo above is almost 4′ tall – in the summer. Right now it is about 1′ high. Pigs have recently been … Continue reading

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Traveling Door

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Traveling Door This is a special traveling door getting welded together on top of Will’s metal making machine. It will start in the doorway between the iCutter and Cave. Later when we have the Cave and FCB finished off the … Continue reading

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Final Arch & Plastering

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This weekend I finished the last arch, the one over the west door of the hall leading into the Abattoir. That is a total of nine arches in the hall and inspector’s office. These make the facility have less of … Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Piglets Spring 2014

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Peanut Butter Piglets The spring flush of piglets has begun. This is PB, short for Peanut Butter, who is one of our Blackieline sows. She just had her spring litter under the cover of the South Field Shed on the … Continue reading

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Winter Wood Chips

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Winter Wood Chip Delivery Wood chips make a good foundation for deep bedding pack. We put them down in layers, continuing to add more over the winter. This creates a composting pile of organic materials that soaks up fluids and … Continue reading

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Breaking 6,000,000 Page Views

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Just Passed Six Million Page Views A blog milestone. Outdoors: 34°F/10°F 2″ Snow All Day Tiny Cottage: 66°F/61°F Daily Spark: GDP: Gross and Disgusting Production used to fuel the coffers of the regulatorocracy.

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Spring 2014 Mystery Photo

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Networking Care to guess who our mystery visitor was in this photograph? No, this was not done with my new scanning electron microscope nor is it a network mapping simulation or our aging spy satellite.

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