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Initial Cutting Sub-Floor Poured

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Concrete Truck Chute *Yawn* It was a boring pour. We like it that way. With the help of a friend we sailed through another pour, another step towards finishing the butcher shop and bringing meat cutting on-farm.

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Secret Sill Saying

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Front Door Sill The bottoms of our door sills are sometimes polished smooth since we’re pulling our stone from the waste granite piles. To properly bond with the concrete they need to be roughed up a bit.

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Spot the Pigs

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Spot the Pigs How many pigs can you spot? This is a game like Where’s Waldo.

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Stump Lichen Beetle

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Lichen Covered Stump While checking sows and piglets in the south field paddocks I spotted something small moving on a stump…

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