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Beautiful Green Stone

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Green Stone This is a broken edge of some of the beautiful green granite we got recently. The delivery guy said it was marble but I think that is granite although I’m not sure. Either way it is gorgeous rock.

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Ben’s Bionic Laser Finger

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Ben’s Bionic Laser Finger Ben has been working on cutting granite sills for the doorways in the butcher shop out of the scrap granite we get from the local stone sheds and quarries. In addition to using the diamond saws … Continue reading

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New Whey Line

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2″ Black Plastic Water Line on Simple Distributor When we spun out the sap house water line we used a big reel to hold the ton of plastic pipe. That was too heavy and bulky for the tractor to hold … Continue reading

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Bread Pack

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Ben with New Invention Each week we herd, sort and load pigs. Some get moved from one field to another such as gestating sows. Others are headed to market. We often use a bit of bread to make trails and … Continue reading

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To Deworm or Not

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Happy Sow† with new Piglets Joanna asked on Feeding Hay: I am raising a hog for slaughter for the first time. I have read mixed reviews about worming or not worming the pigs. I bought Porkchop in June and he … Continue reading

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Bead Work

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Porcupine Quills Romula went out and collected some raw materials for doing traditional bead working. There were a lot but who’s counting? I’d thank her yet I would rather not.

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Fall Foliage – Prepping for Winter

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Fall Foliage Peaking Out Around Marsh Mountains Fall is officially here. Not just by the Equinox but the trees have begun to change color. Or rather the yanked on their fall wardrobe. It happened suddenly. One day I photographed a … Continue reading

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