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Spot the Pigs

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Spot the Pigs How many pigs can you spot? This is a game like Where’s Waldo.

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Stump Lichen Beetle

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Lichen Covered Stump While checking sows and piglets in the south field paddocks I spotted something small moving on a stump…

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Peanut Butter Piglets

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Peanut Butter and Piglets Peanut Butter is the name of the sow. We often call her PB for short. She just farrowed in the far south field. It is predator season and that is a bit too far out and … Continue reading

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Fall Piglet Fix

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Peanut Butter Piglets Newborn piglets on pasture in lower south field. Outdoors: 60°F/50°F Sunny Tiny Cottage: 62°F/60°F Daily Spark: A failure to find evidence is not proof of non-existance.

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Sow About to Farrow

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Sow About to Farrow A frequent question I get is what does a sow look like just before farrowing, that is to say, giving birth. The sow in the photo above is two days pre-farrowing.

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Cole Ward Meat Cutting Workshop Nov 8th, 2013

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Cole Ward is holding a workshop November 8th, 2013 in central Vermont. For details check out this page. Cole is the butcher we apprenticed with for 18 months to learn the art of meat cutting in preparation for opening our … Continue reading

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Four Young Boars

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Herding Boars This past month we separated our various boar groups from the heating sows and gilts so as to reduce the number of litters during the hardest months of the upcoming winter: January through March. Our goal is to … Continue reading

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Hall Trench Cover

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Butcher Shop Hall Yesterday we finished parging the ferro cement cover of the plumbing trenches, our basement, in the butcher shop. This hides the complexity of all those pipes, sleeves and conduits so that cleaning will be easy and the … Continue reading

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Hall to iCutting Sill

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Red Granite Door Sill With the placement of the red granite door sill between the administration and initial cutting room we have set the final heights of the floors in Admin. Once I had that in place I was able … Continue reading

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Ben Juggling Whey

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Ben Juggling Whey Ben likes to juggle. Here he is using the tractor forks to juggle four barrels of whey. That’s talent!

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