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Piglet Barrel Brooder

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Piglet Brooder Barrel This is a brooder that Will made out of barrels. It consists of two barrels, one inside of the other with a layer of foil-bubble-bubble-foil (FBBF a.k.a. AstroFoil a.k.a. TekFoil etc) between the barrels for insulation and … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Goodie Choices

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Kickstarter Goodie Choices Chart We’ve been working on sending out some of the Kickstarter rewards. A number of meat items that don’t require our butcher shop shipped such as Roaster Party Packages and Oodles of Oddments. We’ve also been working … Continue reading

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Counter Intelligence

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Counter Intelligence, or lack there of. My spiders stumbled on this in the web and served it up to me this morning:

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Mobile Slaughter Unit

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Holly Building Ceiling Form Support Trusses for Our Butcher Shop Justin asked: Let me ask you this…if you were to do a “Mobile Butcher” shop would it be less expensive to get USDA certified? Just curious, because we have a … Continue reading

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Crisply Cold Like Broken Glass

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Toasty Piglets on a Cold Winter’s Night It is cold. This has been a relatively warm winter, like last year, which I like but we’ve had two brief cold spells and we’re in one of those now. Today was -15°F … Continue reading

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Update on Spam

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Sap Sucker Holes in Firewall I continue to maintain the list of spammer IP addresses at this post which you can use in your own web site’s .htaccess to block spammers. Without that list I find I get up to … Continue reading

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Winter Piglets – Bay One South Field Shed

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Charley and Piglets from her Litter and Others Piglets are popping out rapid fire on the farm in the winter farrowing bays. These are 30′ to 60′ long by 12′ winter paddocks that have an open shelter at one end … Continue reading

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Ben’s Butcher Shop Model

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Ben’s Model of our Butcher Shop To show his grandparents at Christmas what we have been up to this year our son Ben built a model of our on-farm Butcher Shop. I snapped some photos while he was in the … Continue reading

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Reserving Piglets

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CurlyT with Piglets If you’re planning to buy pigs to raise over the summer now is the time to get on the reserve list.

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Walking Pigs

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Walking the North Herd We took Spitz and his ten lovely ladies for a walk out in the north field. I had needed a distraction for them while Will, Ben and I did some work in their winter paddock area. … Continue reading

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