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Hot Dogs and Sausage for the 4th!

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Pastured Pork Hot Dogs & Sausage in Stores Our next batches of smoked hot dogs, hot Italian*sausage and sweet Italian sausages are being delivered to stores by Holly as I write this. As always, they’re simple and to the point, … Continue reading

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Farm Show Magazine

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Farm Show Magazine – Click for larger image Our on-farm slaughterhouse and butcher shop was featured in an article at “Farm Show Magazine“. Outdoors: 72°F/43°F Partially Sunny Tiny Cottage: 72°F/70°F Daily Spark: Beets Me!

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Mystery Pond Update

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Muddy Mystery Pond As one of our background tasks this summer we’ve been editing our little Mystery Pond. It is more of a puddle than a pond, a catchment from whence we pipe the excess spring water over to a … Continue reading

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Big’Un Tusks

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Big’Un in his Prime On May 12th, 2010 one of our largest boars, Big’Un, died in his sleep in the south field. I was surprised. Nothing seemed to be wrong with him prior to that. He appeared perfectly healthy. We … Continue reading

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Linked In – Italian Sausage

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Sugar Mountain Farm Hot Italian Pork Sausage We have sausage! In the past the butcher’s we have worked with have not had the equipment to do real sausage. They called it sausage but it was really just spiced ground meat … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice Garden

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How My Garden Grows With all this wonderful mix of sunshine and rain our gardens are doing great. I realize that many of you have gardens that are much further along, tomatoes that are taller (I think of my father … Continue reading

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Indian Paintbrush

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Indian Paintbrush Flowers I grew up knowing this flower as Indian Paintbrush but using Wikipedia I find it listed at Hawk Weed which is Hieracium aurantiacum. There are several other flowers that showed up as Indian Paintbrush. Good thing we … Continue reading

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First Strawberry 2010

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First Strawberry of 2010 Just one today and so delicious! Split five ways. *sigh* A taste of delights to come. Will has been perfecting his short cake just in time. Outdoors: 66°F/50°F Partially Sunny Tiny Cottage: 69°F/65°F Daily Spark: Oops, … Continue reading

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Italia Nesting on Sugar Mountain

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Italia Nesting in Far North of High North Field The other day on the field walk I mentioned that one of our new gilts Italia had farrowed in a beautiful spot up along the verge of the new fields on … Continue reading

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Ticks Me Off!

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Not My Tick This is not my tick. This is not my tick bite. But I’ll burn and pop it. I have no sympathy. Kavi and Lili each brought one home to show me what wonderful things they can find … Continue reading

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